1. Getting to know you

Initially we meet with our clients and explore the site so as to understand their aspirations and the opportunities and constraints of the project. Ideas are discussed, drawn, and modelled. 

This is a 2-way process that consolidates the understanding between client and architect and puts form to the requirements of the project.  The preferred direction for the project is refined and the architect starts to resolve the drawings in enough detail for submission to council for the necessary planning approval.

2. Create your project

At this stage the final design is drawn in detail and with precision so that the project can be built.  

Most projects also require a written specification to accompany the drawings.  This document minimises any ambiguity during construction as the architect has stipulated the materials and methods to be employed by the builder.

3. Other consultants

Initially ideas of cost are general and usually expressed as a square metre rate.  As the design progresses, costs can be more accurately estimated if the client engages a Quantity Surveyor. 

Other specialist consultants may also be required.  We will coordinate these for you.

Usually, our clients prefer some guidance on how to select a builder.  A tender process will allow you to check prices between 3 or 4 builders.  We have a shortlist of builders that we regularly use that may help you with your decision.
After a builder is selected then a contract is signed between the client and the builder.  Most clients prefer a lump sum contract so that the total cost is established upfront.

As an optional service, we can administer the contract between the client and builder.  In these circumstances the architect acts independently to ensure that both parties adhere to the contract conditions.  This is an excellent service for clients who are very busy or are not confident in dealing with the daily intricacies of a project.

4. Tender + contract administration

Frequently asked questions

An architect is a professional who has the skills, experience and vision to understand your lifestyle and provide an exceptional and innovative design process that will help you realise your project.  A minimum of five years at university, mandatory practical experience and a rigorous registration examination process separates architects from less qualified ‘building designers’.  Architecture is a practical art that combines solid technical knowledge with design flair and originality to deliver significant contributions to our built environment.

What is an architect?

The size and complexity of your project is directly aligned with our fees.  We are very flexible and can tailor our services to your budget and requirements.  We can bill in small instalments so that you have complete control over the process.  All fees are agreed upon prior to the commencement of work so that there are no surprises.

How much will it cost?

The timeframe for the project will depend on its complexity and size.  A simple alteration and addition may take 6 months from start to finish whereas a new house project could take 2 years.  

What is the timeframe for a project?